​​shores of others


about us

Shores Of Others began as a project idea in 2014. Our band's singer-songwriter Daniel Zappi had been writing songs that spoke of the interactions between peoples and cultures, today and in history. As a result, the idea of expanding on these themes, within a new project framework, was born. A couple of years passed, experimenting and rewriting drafts until in the spring/summer of 2016 he met the musicians who would eventually become the band.
Together we have developed the songs, arranged them, worked on our set and played concerts in Prague and surrounding regions. Eventually we felt ready to record our album, and in March 2017 we went into the studio. We recorded it completely live, mostly in single takes, with a small audience present in order to preserve the live feel of our music. 
The album, also called Shores Of Others, was released on June 4th 2017.  

​​Daniel Zappi: lead vocals,
song-writer, acoustic guitar, piano​

Johana Turnerová: backing vocals, violin, piano, recorder

Tomáš  Lacina: percussions

​Matous Jelinek: backing vocals, double-bass, ukelele

Jo Poon: cello, xylophone

​Lenka Mitasova: harp